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147th District

Stamford & Darien



"Connecticut stands on the cusp of an unprecedented fiscal crisis.

Simply, the bill is coming due in ever-increasing amounts for the 80-year failure of one of the richest states in the nation to adequately save for retirement benefits promised to teachers and state employees.

Hobbled by debts accumulated by generations of governors and legislators, Connecticut for at least 15 years to come is likely to face a bleak and politically dangerous menu of options that could shape the state’s economy and quality of life." (CTMirror 1/30/17)

After decades of out of control spending and constant debt, Connecticut passed a  state income tax. Despite a 2% spending cap that was overwhelmingly approved by the public, elected officials ignored it and continued to go on a spending spree.  

Lets be clear. We do not have a revenue problem in Connecticut. We have a spending problem.   

This is not the time for politics as usual.  Its time for bold action by truly independent voices with common sense values.  

We must get our fiscal house in order so everyone in Connecticut can prosper.

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