Mike Fedele - Former 147th State Representative & Ueutenant Governor: 

Anzelmo has over 20 years of private and public sector experience. He is an attorney, a Stamford City Representative, a former Deputy Mayor, a small business owner and father of five. This makes him by far the most qualified candidate in this race. Anzelmo will work with the next Governor and legislature to put our state's finances in order, create jobs, grow the economy and help create a comeback for Connecticut. 

Michael Pavia - Former Mayor: 

As a resident and taxpayer, Anzelmo knows the frustration we all experience seeing taxes increase year after year with little or no initiatives being proposed to control the cost of government. Status quo politicians favor the easy way out and do little or nothing to make the necessary change we need in Connecticut. Anzelmo has already proven he is not afraid to vote for changes that puts the well being of the taxpayer first over legacy contracts and costly special interests. We need Anzelmo now more than ever as our State Representative. 

Sal Gabriele - Board of Finance Member: 

Anzelmo has a proven record for standing up and fighting for his constituents. 

I endorse Anzelmo Graziosi for State Representative. 

Kieran Ryan - Board of Finance Member: 

Anzelmo has proven he is not afraid to take on the establishment. As Vice Chair of the Board of Representative's Fiscal Committee, Anzelmo was a vital part of cutting spending and bringing a common sense approach to budgeting. He is the only candidate in the race who has the experience and proven willingness to take on the establishment to deal with the fiscal crisis in Hartford.


Nicola Tarzia - Board of Education Member: 

As a father of five children who attend Stamford public schools, a former member of the Connecticut Early Childhood Education Cabinet, a former adjunct professor and teacher, Anzelmo is uniquely qualified to understand the needs of public education in our state. I enthusiastically endorse Anzelmo.

Charles Pia Jr - City Representatives

I endorse Anzelmo for the Connecticut General Assembly because he is the only candidate in this race that has shown a dedication to the people of the district and proven that he is an independent thinker and has a fiscally sound plan for our future.

David Watkins - City Representative

I am delighted to endorse the candidacy of Anzelmo Graziosi for State Representative, Anzelmo has demonstrated by words and action his commitment to fiscal discipline and his willingness to seek change whatever the challenges.

Mary Fedeli - City Representative & Minority Leader

Anzelmo is a true fiscal conservative which is exactly what is needed in Hartford.