Stagnation and high taxes has resulted in Stamford and Darien residents feeling rightfully frustrated and worried with our state government.

The new administration and legislature must resolve the legacy issues and simultaneously put into place processes that will prevent reckless spending that bind future duly elected officials from being able to carry out their duties.

A true fiscally conservative voice that is not beholden to party or special interests, Anzelmo will:

  • Vote to eliminate the Estate and Gift Taxes and to phase out the Income Tax.
  • Push for a strict and enforceable spending cap to prevent future spending sprees.
  • Reinvest in our schools through early childhood education, technical/vocational schools and training programs.
  • Reinvest in our transportation and infrastructure particularly our rail lines and highways.
  • Fight to eliminate the special treatment and excessive tax breaks given to corporate special interests and developers.
  • Refuse a state pension and demand an end to state pensions for all legislators in the General Assembly.
  • Vote to move all agency heads, political appointees and staff to a defined contribution plan.
  • Fight to limit the scope of collective bargaining to exclude retirement benefits and set them by statute.
  • Believes in giving everyone the opportunity to run for office, not just the wealthy and well connected and will protect public finance laws.

The viscous cycle of out of control spending followed by tax increases has to end. A one party dominant legislature for the last forty years has lead to this moment. Clearly the political will is not there. We need structural change that will prevent this once and for all. 

While it won't be easy, I am committed to solving this issue for my children's sake. Our children didn't create this mess and I'll be damned if they get stuck with the bill. 

Join us to fight taxes in Stamford.