Meet Anzelmo


Clearly, our State needs to change course with strong independent leadership and a path to prosperity that is socially, fiscally, and economically responsible. 

We must:

Assure Fiscal Responsibility & Sustainability

Assure Economic Growth & Individual Opportunity

Enhance Public Integrity & Accountability

The new administration and legislature must resolve the legacy issues and simultaneously put into place processes that will prevent reckless spending that bind future duly elected officials from being able to carry out their duties.  Connecticut has to not only control spending but also learn to save in good times. Special interest groups on both sides of the isle need to be put in check.

We have to get out of the business of picking winners by handing out tax breaks to select large corporations (corporate welfare) and by creating an artificial playing field for public sector employees who receive dis-proportionally higher benefits in Connecticut and the tri-state than private sector employees. It must then put into place a system which prevents future politicians from over spending and maintain a business friendly environment.  

The viscous cycle of out of control spending followed by tax increases has to end.  A one party dominant legislature for the last forty years has lead to this moment.  Clearly the political will is not there. We need structural change that will prevent this once and for all.    

While it won't be easy, I am committed to solving this issue for my children's sake.  Our children didn't create this mess and I'll be damned if they get stuck with the bill.     


  • Stamford Board of Representatives (13th District)
  • B.A. Government and Politics, St. John's University
  • MPA (Master of Public Administration),
       Long Island University
  • JD (Juris Doctorate) Hofstra University, School of Law
  • Attorney admitted to the NY and CT Bar Associations
  • Former Deputy Mayor, City of Glen Cove, NY
  • Former elected member of the Glen Cove City Council
  • Former member of the
       CT Early Childhood Education Committee
  • Former member of the
       E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Commission, Stamford


Let's elect someone with strong roots in our district, who is raising a family with children in our public schools, is involved with the community, and has a track record of public service.

Let's elect someone who continues to make serving you a priority.

Get to know Anzelmo, here at home in the 147th District.